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Department of Sports, Co-curriculum and Culture

Department of Sports, Co-curriculum and Culture
Department of Sports, Co-curriculum and Culture (JSKK) is the department that manages sports, co-curriculum and cultural activities at the Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah. JSKK PTSB comprises three main units namely the Sports Unit, the Curriculum Unit and the Cultural Unit. As such, JSKK PTSB is responsible for planning, managing and implementing all sports activities and facilities, studying and learning as well as cultural and art activities for all PTSB members, both students and staff. All planned activities must be carried out in accordance with the schedule and planner.
Activities organized by JSKK PTSB include inside and outside classroom activities, such as sports, uniformed bodies, and clubs. Activities should include values development elements that can help into making them as a good citizen in terms of physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual in line with the National Education Philosophy.

All activities are designed for students to adopt a healthy lifestyle while developing students who are talented, passionate, and disciplined and ready for the challenge and to make it an activity that can fill their leisure time in Polytechnic studies.
  • To manage course registration process
  • To manage and organize sports activity
  • To manage and organize courses activities either inside or outside the campus

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