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Entrepreneurship Unit


Entrepreneurship Unit acts as the main driving force in increasing the level of innovation , creativity and competitiveness of a country. It has been recognized as a catalyst for economic development in Malaysia. To achieve the mission and vision of Entrepreneurial Development Policy Institute of Higher Education, Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah had established the Entrepreneurship Unit in which the main objective set is to provide opportunities for students familiarized themselves in the business world. The program which is organized by the Entrepreneurship Unit aims to provide basic exposure to the students in order to create more successful entrepreneurs among fresh graduates. Thus, the existence of this unit would attract students to become a successful entrepreneur.

Functions / Roles 

Entrepreneurship Unit plays the role to educate and expose students to the knowledge related to entrepreneurship. Through the activities, they are able to attract students to pursue entrepreneurial and be able to produce more young entrepreneurs, especially among fresh graduates.

Some of the Entrepreneurship Unit activities are:

1 . Basic Course of Entrepreneurship
2. Workshops Preparation of Business Plan & Business Ideas
3. Visit Business
4. Teak Self Entrepreneurship Camp
5. Entrepreneurial Development Workshop
6. Entrepreneurship Workshop
7. Dialogue with Successful Entrepreneur