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Assessment and Examination Unit


Examination Unit is one of the ancillaries unit located in Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah. The unit was established simultaneously with the establishment of Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah and started its operation on 1 March 2002 in a temporary campus at Politeknik Seberang Perai (PSP). Then, the unit was transferred to the permanent campus on March 3, 2003 with the total of 498intakes of students for the session of June 2003. In general, Examination Unit is responsible for the coordination of matters related to the final examination and examination results.

The unit is led by the Head of Unit who is responsible to coordinate and facilitate the management of the process of assessment and examination. The Head of Unit is supported by two Examamination Officers whom one is in charge of the Records, Data and Certifications and the other is in charge in Management, Assessment and Bank Rate question. In addition, there are two administrative assistants and one office assistant as an Exam Committees.

The Examination Unit is also assisted by 6 Department Examination Coordinators (PPJ), which was appointed by their respective departments namely Civil Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Department, Mechanical Engineering Department, Commerce Department, Mathematics and Computer Science Department and General Studies Department. Each department has its own committee to run and manage the work of question banks, data update and matters related to students before and after the examination held.


General Information

Generally, Examination Unit is responsible to coordinate and to handle activities regarding final examination and certification. The unit is fully supported by all departments to fulfil the responsibilities given. Examination Officer is responsible to monitor the whole examination process of polytechnic while Examination Coordinator is to manage things regarding examination for their respective departments. Other than that, Examination Unit also cooperate in organising workshops related to examination such as Assessments and Vetting Workshop which is organised every semester in order to produce high quality examination questions to be applied in the Final Examination of Politeknik KPT. There are rooms in the Examination Unit as the offices of the Examination Officer, Departments’ Examination Coordinator, Computer Room, and Vault Room, Examination Materials/Equipment Room and Printing Room.


Function / Role

Among the functions of the Examination Unit are :

  • Questions construction process and organise the workshops for questions construction and vetting.
  • Sort and prepare the question for Final Semester Examination.
  • Supervise the Final Semester Examination.
  • Prepare Final Examination Schedule and Invigilation of Final Semester Examination.
  • Process and prepare documents regarding Final Examination such as Examination Slip, Student’s Letters.
  • Repeat Module, Repeat Semester, Fail, Research Data of Examination Result, Board Report, Graduates List and etc.
  • Prepare graduates’ Certificates/Diploma and certification matters
  • Prepare examination result transcript