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Electrical Engineering Department (EED)

Electrical Engineering Department (EED) is one of the academic departments in Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah (PTSB). It offers engineering program in electrical and electronics field for diploma level.

EED offers quality efficient education and professional services through a broad-based knowledge within the field of electrical and electronic engineering. The aim is to produce graduates with potential, competent and competitive as well as highly skilled. In order to achieve a commendable work, EED is comprised of dedicated professional trainers, with sufficient infrastructure.

This department is administered under the auspices of Mr. Mohamad Tarmizzi Bin Hussin and assisted by 71 academic staff and supported by 3 non-academic staff. Currently EED has a total number of 1334 students with an average of 200 to 250 students in each intake.

Programs Offered


  • 25 Classrooms
  • 1 Lecture hall
  • 2 Electrical and Technology Principle Lab (EPT)
  • 3 Computer Programming Lab (ECP)
  • 2 Electronic Maintenance Lab (EER)
  • 2 Electronic Labs (EEL)
  • 1 Telecommunication Lab (ETC)
  • 1 Communication Data Lab (EDC)
  • 1 Measurement Lab (EME)
  • 2 Project Labs (BPL)
  • 1 Instrumentation Lab (BIN)
  • 1 Electrical Wiring Lab (BEI)
  • 1 Power System Lab (BPS)
  • 1 Power Electronic Lab (BPE)
  • 1 CAD Lab (CAD)
  • 1 Project Presentation Room (EPP)
  • 1 Hi-Tech Lab (BHI)
  • 1 Robotics Lab (BRO)
  • 1 Electrical Machine Lab (BEM)