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General Studies Department (GSD)

General Studies Department (GSD) of PTSB consists of English Language Unit and Islamic Studies and Moral Education Unit that work on a professional partnership in their quest to take students to greater heights, morally and socially. As an ancillary academic department, GSD is committed in improving the English Language proficiency as well as the teaching of Islamic and Moral Education of undergraduates in the main academic departments.

Courses Offered

(1) English Language Unit

  • Communicative English 1
  • Communicative English 2
  • Communicative English 3

(2) Islamic Studies and Moral Education Unit:

  • Tamadun Islam
  • Pengajian Malaysia
  • Sains Teknologi Dan Kejuruteraan Dalam Islam
  • Nilai Masyarakat Malaysia

(1) Language Lab:
GSD has four fully equipped Language Labs for the convenience of PTSB Students. In conjunction with the new education blue prints which require for technology to be extensively integrated in teaching and learning, language labs as offered by the GSD will be useful to facilitate an effective teaching and learning session.

(2) Seminar Room:
Located at the third floor of GSD building, our seminar room is able to accommodate up to 60 people at one time. Equipped with LCD projector and screen, this seminar room provides a professional environment for seminars, forums or presentations. Ultimately, this seminar room makes an ideal venue for effective teaching and learning session to be carried out.



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