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Mathematics, Science and Computer Department (MSCD)

Mathematics, Science & Computer Department (MSCD) of PTSB is an ancillary department that consists of Mathematics Unit, Science Unit and Computer Unit. The department works to develop students’ knowledge and skills in Mathematics, Science and Computer as the basic for them to learn engineering courses in the main academic. As an ancillary academic department, MSCD is also committed to develop students’ competence and professionalism in their field.

Courses Offered

(1) Mathematics Unit:

  • DBM 1013 Engineering Mathematics 1
  • DBM 2013 Engineering Mathematics 2
  • DBM 3013 Engineering Mathematics 3
  • DBM 3023 Electrical Engineering Mathematics 
  • BA 501 Engineering Mathematics 4
  • BA 601 Engineering Mathematics 5

(2) Science Unit:

  • DBS 1012 Engineering Science

(3) Computer Unit:

  • DBC 2012 Computer Application


(1) Computer Lab:
MSCD has four fully equipped Computer Labs for the convenience of PTSB students. In conjunction with the new education blue prints which required for technology to be extensively integrated in teaching and learning, the computer labs are used to facilitate an effective teaching and learning session.

(2) Science Lab:
MSCD has two Science Labs which are located on the ground and second floor of MSCD building. These labs are equipped with LCD Projectors and screens as well as laboratory apparatuses. These laboratories are aimed for ensuring the effectiveness of teaching and learning sessions.



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