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Digital and Multimedia Learning Center has 4 main functions:
1) To promote the use of technology in teaching and learning at PTSB.
2) Provide theoretical and practical experience for lecturers on the design and development of learning material using multimedia.
3) Provide communities with expertise in the design and development of communication and multimedia programs.
4) Provide advisory services to PTSB staff and students with appropriate information on the design and development of audio-visual and multimedia systems.
5) Provide technical supports on the multimedia equipment.
Unit Mission
To promote design and development of e-learning teaching and learning materials and to support the use of technology in innovative, effective, and meaningful teaching and learning environment.
Multimedia Creation
PPDM owns equipment, software and utilities that enables the creation of creative and innovative presentations for PTSB and other parties.
We provide:
  • Presentation and Multimedia Consultations (Audio/Video/Photography)
  • Presentation and Global Learning Consultation (Blended Learning/MOOC and e-learning)
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Graphic Design

Video Production
PPDM able to produce quality videos in a variety of formats such as corporate program, learning and PoliTV videos. The cooperation between multimedia officers, audio video technicians and photography technicians which are highly experienced helps to produce high quality videos.
For further information, please contact our Resource and Multimedia officer (MARO)
1. Mr. Suparman bin Salama
2. Mr. Nurzurawani binti Abd Razak

PPDM offers professional services for digital and conventional photography. Our photography department is equipped with a photography studio. PPDM has an extensive PTSB archive collection of the activities conducted in PTSB.
Digital Audio
The Audio section is equipped with an Audio Recording Studio for recordings and editing in a variety of formats. It provides other services such as loaning of LCD projectors, portable PA system and audio visual equipment. 
For further information, please contact Mr Mohamad Syahir bin Abdol Mutalib.
E-Learning Lab
E-learning lab offers Multimedia software and applications with multiplatform capabilities. Licensed multimedia packages (Adobe and i-spring) for teaching and learning is made available and can be used for the creation of teaching and learning materials.
For further information
  • Mr. Suparman bin Salama
  • Mr. Khairul bin Domadi

TECC room offers classroom environment that is fully equipped with technological equipments such as Internactive WhiteBoard (IWB), smart TV Samsung 60”, portable visualizer, LCD projector, 6 personal computers, printer and TECC Wi-Fi. The room’s equipment aids the lecturers in executing an active teaching and learning session through the aid of technology.
For further information

  • Mdm Norzurawani binti Abd Razak
  • Mr Khairul bin Domadi
Instructional System Design and Development
PPDM provides consultations and advice in design and instructional development for an effective teaching and learning process. Our unit is equipped with audio visual system and laboratory, which can produce interactive multimedia presentations for the teaching and learning materials creation. The unit held workshops to help lecturers to create teaching and learning materials every semester.
Graphic Design and Desktop
The graphic lab offers services in graphic design with multiplatform capabilities. Designs include banners, posters, streamers and other graphic design needs. The unit also provides printing services for lecturers to ensure there is a smooth teaching and learning process and programs which are organized in PTSB.