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International Liaison Unit

The programs arranged are in line with the mission of the Department of Polytechnic towards gaining international recognition through collaboration and active participation in the TVET community as well as meeting the 8th Malaysia Education Development Plan 2015-2025 (Higher Education) which is a global advantage with increased involvement of students and academic staff in international activity.
Service Function
The primary function of the International Liaison Unit (ILU) is to contribute toward the strengthening of PTSB international profile through the pursuit and promotion of relationships with international institutions, and to ensure that maximum benefit is derived from those relations. ILU functions in accordance to the Malaysian Polytechnic Internationalisation Strategy which was effective on 15 May 2014.
  1. The strategy comprises of 6 main aims that can be applied by officers, lecturers and polytechnic students in standardising the organisation of matters pertaining to internationalisation programmes and activities carried out by the department and institution.
    1. Strategy 1: International Collaboration
    2. Strategy 2: Borderless learning Environment
    3. Strategy 3: International recognition
    4. Strategy 4: Program Articulation
    5. Strategy 5: Access to international students
    6. Strategy 6: International Perspective
  2. To enhance international linkages and collaborations between PTSB and foreign institutions
  3. To provide opportunity for students and lecturers to gain experience and skills abroad
  4. To fulfil the internationalisation KPI PTSB