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The PTSB Strategic Management, Performance and Risk Unit (UPSPR) was officially established on June 15, 2017 with the aim of managing and monitoring matters related to strategic planning, performance and performance indicators (KPIs) as well as polytechnic risk management.

UPSPR is managed by four (4) lecturers that responsible in managing UPSPR affairs, besides carrying out teaching and learning tasks.


UPSPR Objective

In general, the objective of UPSPR is to manage, coordinate, monitor and report on strategic management, performance management and risk management at PTSB. Specifically, UPSPR objectives are:

Strategic Management

  • Planning activities regarding the polytechnic strategic management
  • Preparing the Polytechnic Strategic Planning
  • Spreading information regarding the Polytechnic Strategic Planning
  • Monitor the implementation of strategies and strategic plan initiatives by departments / centres and units.
  • Provide report on the implementation of the polytechnic strategic plan.
  • Organize activities related to strategic management.
  • Implementing continuous improvement in strategic management

Performance Management

  • Planning activities related to polytechnic performance management.
  • Provide polytechnic performance indicators according to the performance measurement system set by the Department of Polytechnic and Community College (JPPKK).
  • Distribute information on performance indicators to all stakeholders.
  • Organize activities related to performance management.
  • Monitoring department / centre / unit performance for each polytechnic performance indicator.
  • Coordinate and update data and performance management information.
  • Prepare reports on polytechnic achievement achievements.
  • Implementing continuous improvement in polytechnic performance management.

Risk Management

  • Plan polytechnic risk management activities.
  • Provide the scope, structure, processes and actions involved in polytechnic risk management.
  • Distribute risk management information to all stakeholders.
  • Organize activities related to risk management.
  • Monitoring the implementation of risk management at the department / centre / unit level.
  • Prepare reports on risk management.
  • Coordinates the preparation and updating of risk management data and information.
  • Implementing continuous improvement in polytechnic risk management.